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Hello there! On the worldwide web I’m the Green Geek, however, in real life I’m a thirty something year-old living in Richmond, Virginia, currently managing a Green Tech company and the parent of two young and joyful kids along with my loving wife. While my real-life responsibilities keep me plenty busy, this blog is just about sharing my passion for the many ways I have personally found to make my life simpler, wealthier, and more sustainable.

While I’d like to think I have many elements of coolness, many signs (and online quizzes) would point to my true identity as a nerd. I constantly crave new knowledge that I can apply to improve some area of my life, I get excited crunching numbers, I spend hours creating elaborate spreadsheets for tracking and analyzing daily activities, and obsess about optimizing work flows. Over the years, these traits have in particular been applied to the subjects of personal finance (banking, credit cards, credit scores, tracking savings & spending, etc.), investing, managing student loans, home energy efficiency, home maintenance, fuel economy, and once the kids came along… baby things.

Along the way I have completed a degree in Environment and Business (in Canada where I am originally from), worked performing home energy efficiency evaluations, received my Certified Energy Manager accreditation, purchased a foreclosed condo which I then renovated and now keep as a rental property, and done a lot of home renovations to the >100 year old home we now live in. On a regular basis I manage a host of both work and personal finances where I seek to put every dollar to work generating interest and taking advantage of low-cost banking and investing alternatives, which includes over a dozen credit accounts (don’t worry, you don’t need this many), business and personal bank accounts (on both sides of the border), various retirement accounts (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 457(b), HSA – Health Savings Account (yes, a retirement vehicle)), regular/taxable brokerage accounts, have setup company retirement plans for our employees, and I’ll continue to add to this list.

I’m excited to share the many little details for those also interested in these subjects and I hope you find the content here of value in your everyday life. I’d love for you to drop me a line to share your comments and suggestions for the blog – although I can’t promise to get back to each and everyone one of you I love hearing what others are doing and what readers are interested in.

Yours truly,