Introducing the Green Geek

A blog for those interested in Simple Wealth Building & Planet Friendly Living

Green Geek character saying hello

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Green Geek blog and this blog’s very first post. It would only be natural to provide an introduction to the purpose of this blog: why a blog about “Simple Wealth Building” and “Planet Friendly Living”?

The short answer is simply that these two subjects are my personal passion. I have been participating in and leading environmental concerns groups since middle school. I went to college (or “university” as they call it in Canada) for environment and business and have held various environmentally related jobs including performing home energy efficiency evaluations and currently manage a green tech company. I monitor the energy consumption in my home minute by minute and am constantly seeking to improve overall efficiency. I believe that now more than ever we need to be making significant changes in our lives, countries, and world that improve our sustainability if we want to pass along an Earth our children, let alone grandchildren, can survive and thrive in.

On the personal finance side of things, I always got a thrill balancing my check book since opening a bank account as a 12-year-old. I started getting into investing in high school and I signed up for a credit card with rewards as soon as I could on my 18th birthday. I loved the complexities of optimally moving funds between Canada and the US when I moved to the States a decade ago, and in getting my credit score above 800. I see financial freedom tied with personal freedom; typically, the more money you have the more options you have – and when you’re less stressed for cash I believe it’s also easier to make better altruistic choices that are not just good for ourselves, but for our communities too.


Even though I try to play it cool when the subject of finances or energy efficiency pops up, I began to notice that friends and family clearly knew I geeked out on these two subjects. I regularly find myself getting asked for advice on topics like “What credit card do you recommend most?”, “How do I establish credit after college if I don’t have any yet?”, “How do I get started investing?”, “Should I pay off my student loans or start saving for retirement?”, “What’s the best car these days for fuel efficiency and reliability?”, “How do I reduce the energy usage of my home without sacrificing comfort?”.

It was answering these questions that was the birth of this blog. I’m a nerd and relish researching these subjects for personal enjoyment. I derive significant satisfaction automating and systematizing daily living for improved efficiency (both environmental and financially), working to optimize every last dollar, creating spreadsheets to motivate and help create habits and track results. So why not share my experiences and what I have learned more publicly with others that may be interested?

I was raised in a family of four-eyed research dorks that way over analyze everything. Quite often to the point of analysis paralysis or extreme diminishing returns; like taking 3 hours to pick the “right” hotel for 1 night, or perfecting the 7-bowl dog food system – I have to admit though I’m guilty of many similar infractions of excessive over analyzing or implementing myself.  While I grew up just thinking this was normal, I started to realize with more exposure to the real-world that not everyone enjoys spending hours upon hours researching all of the various options around these subjects like I do. However, many people appreciate gleaning the thoughts from those of us who have, or for other research nerds out there, many like to compare notes and maybe get some new ideas from fellow geeks.


My goal for this blog is to share both specifics on what I am doing along with actionable details. I am less of an ideas person and way more of a details person. In reading other financial and even DIY content on the web, I often find myself longing for additional specifics from the author on exactly what they themselves are doing in their own life when they present a new idea. Things such as, “What exact funds are you investing in?”, “What insurance do you have and why?”, “what measurements did you use for your project”, or “you mentioned you simply ran a new electrical circuit for your electric car, but how exactly did you go about doing that?”. I plan to share the details of what I personally am doing, not because it’s the best way, but simply because i) it’s nice to compare notes, and ii) it’s easier to get going when you at least know the details of one good option!

With that, let’s get going on this journey together. If you want know more background about the guy writing this stuff, you can learn more about me, a.k.a. the Green Geek. If you’ve got ideas for me that match the content of what’s posted here – please don’t hesitate to send it my way. I’m always looking for new ways to improve systems and tread more lightly on this planet. I’m looking forward to both sharing with readers and at the same time, learning from what others are doing so I can keep improving myself!


-Green Geek