Green Geek Tools

Here is a complete list of various tools which have been created to assist Green Geek readers in performing their own analysis. Most are tracking or calculation spreadsheets to help with better estimating potential savings under your own unique set of circumstances.

Savings TrackerFinancialSee how even little savings really add up over the long run! Download and track your recurring or one-time savings and see how much they'll actually save you over 1, 5, 10 and a custom period of years into the future - especially when invested.
Shower Cost CalculatorFinancial / EnergySee how much your shower actually costs you. Input your unique showering variables (or use provided averages) and see the cost of each shower, including water and energy used. Plus, see what you can save with a water saving shower head.

Think there is some sort of tool that would be great but you don’t see here? Feel free to drop me a line about it.